One of last feature of VSTS is the possibility to view the Usage of resources consumption of VSTS by individual user.

One of this usage metric is the Usage TSTUs (Team Services Through Units) that correspond to shared resources consumption as for example : file upload with source control, running complex query, build execution. All this metrics is in one unit data called TSTUs.

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In TFS 2013 Xaml build and Msbuild we have the possibility to generate a folder _PublishedWebsites that contain the files result for the web project compilation.

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We have seen in a previous article, the bases to create an extension for VSTS, that is to say, the pre-requisites and the structure of the Visual Studio solution.

But before you can use the extension remains of published step.

Publish an extension for VSTS is to:

  • Create VSIX package that contains the manifest
  • Upload this package in the Visual Studio publisher Marketplace
  • Publish files in a third website (as azure)
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This article follows a previous post on presentation of the the Visual Studio Marketplace and extensions, in this post we will see how to create an extension for VSTS.


  • Languages: Typescript or Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Visual Studio (any version) or Visual Studio code for IDE development
  • NodeJs available here and update npm with command npm npm-g update: to create and publish the package
  • VSTS account: to test and use the extension:
  • Optional a external website hosting (like Azure web site) to create a website to host the pages of the extension
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