My DevOps Links #2

Here my curated DevOps resources on this week about Azure, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Terraform, with blogs posts, news , training and Videos.

Blog posts on DevOps

Sonar Analysis of Python with Azure DevOps pipeline.

Once you have test and Code Coverage for your build of Python code, last step for a good build is adding support for Code Analysis with Sonar/SonarCloud…

Modernizing Source Control - Migrating to Git.

I remember when I first learned about Git circa 2012. I was skeptical - you can change history? What kind of source control system let you change history? However, it seemed to have huge momentum and so I started learning how to use it…

Hashicorp at Home.

What happens when you take Hashicorp out of the cloud and on to a home network?

Hashicorp at Home - Part 2.

Part two in our series on building a home lab.

How to Dockerize your End-to-End acceptance tests.

This article serves as a “how-to” guide for using Selenium Docker images alongside CodeceptJS and an Express server…

Azure DevOps Agents on Azure Container Instances (ACI).

This article provides a solution for running Azure DevOps agents (Build/Release agents) on Windows Server Core based containers, hosted on Azure Container Instances (ACI). A solution like this might be useful, when the default Microsoft-hosted agents don’t fit your requirements, and you don’t prefer using “traditional” IaaS VMs for running your self-hosted agents…

To Infinity and Beyond (or: The Definitive Guide to Scaling 10K VMs on Azure).

Every platform has limits; workstations and physical servers have resource boundaries, APIs may be rate-limited, and even the perceived endlessness of the virtual public cloud enforce limitations that protect the platform from overuse or misuse (Azure, AWS, GCP).When working on scenarios that take platforms to their extreme, those limits become real, and therefore thought has to be put in to overcoming them…

DevOps News

New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering.

Today we’re announcing two major updates to make GitHub more accessible to developers: unlimited free private repositories, and a simpler, unified Enterprise offering. We’re excited about these updates to our Free and Enterprise offerings…

Azure Site Recovery - Update Rollup 32.

Update Rollup 32 for Azure Site Recovery is now available…

DevOps Training

Free Udemy DevOps courses about Jenkins

JENKINS Beginner Tutorial - Step by Step.

Learn Jenkins from scratch.

Getting Started With Jenkins: Key Concepts for Beginners

Get Started Installing, Configuring and Using Jenkins!

Jenkins Introduction for Developer.

End to End Integration : Selenium - Maven - Git - Jenkins

Build+Deploy+Test with Jenkins 2.0.

Learn Jenkins 2.0 for end-to-end testing of applications


How the Azure DevOps teams plan with Aaron Bjork.

In this interview, Donovan Brown interviews Group Program Manager Aaron Bjork about Agile Planning.

Cloud Compliance Part 1: InSpec API Scanning (Demo).

InSpec lets you audit more than just servers. See how InSpec’s built in API scanning capabilities allow you to continuously validate every facet of your cloud estate.

Cloud Compliance Part 2: Automatically Scan EC2 Instances in AWS (Demo).

Chef Automate ensures you have a way to audit your entire estate, whether or not you’re managing configurations with Chef. See how Chef Automate’s cloud integrations let you auto-detect instances in Amazon EC2.