Test in production with LaunchDarkly

Meetup organized with LaunchDarkly, Algolia and Cellenza. During this meetup I exposed how use feature flags (with Launch Darkly platform) in Azure DevOps (VSTS) extension for provide new feature for users group directly in production without redeploy the extension.

The blog page with description and video of my presentation.

DevCon 5 - sécuriser votre projet Serverless.

Conférence technique du magazine Programmez. Le theme de cette année portait sur la sécurité.

Avec Manon Pernin nous avons fait une session sur la sécurité d’un projet serverless (exemple d’une Azure Function ou d’un API).

Blog post serie - Building VSTS Extensions with feature flags

In this ALM Rangers blog post serie I expose our Research project on How use Feature Flag in VSTS extension.

In the part 1 I talk about the Feature flag feature and how we use LaunchdDarkly plateform.

In the second part we focused on the security challenge between the vsts extension and LaunchDarkly.

In the Last part of this serie, I present the Azure Function utilty for call LaunchDarkly API.

VSTS Extension Roll Up Board

The Roll-up Board Widget is Azure DevOps that displays an aggregated view of your backlog boards on the dashboards.


The extension is available on the Azure DevOps Marketplace

And the Code is Open sourced on GitHub on ALM Rangers organization

All blog posts about it: